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Each "group" of awards you create will have the same award body type and top logo. You will be able to customize each individual award within a group with text and logos to be applied at the bottom of the award. Click here to view an illustration of groups.

Create as many groups of awards as you would like. Each group is added to your shopping cart independently.

Here are four steps to creating a "group" of awards.
Step 1: Choose Award Body Type
Step 2: Design Award
a. choose a logo for the top of all of the awards in a group
c. insert text for each award in a group
Step 3: Preview Design
a. edit award text if necessary
b. choose logo(s) to apply to the bottom of each award in a group (optional)
Step 4: Finished - Add group to Cart
Tip: watch the bar at the top of the page to see what step you are currently on.
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